Why Fusion?

During the Winter Break of my sophomore year, NLCF attended a Winter Conference much like Fusion. After what had been a crazy Fall semester, I was simply craving some extended time with God and looking forward to time hanging out with friends! I also had a decision I needed to make over the break and so I decided that this time set apart for worship, teaching, & conversation would be a good space to ask Him for a clear answer.

I remember the day He answered. I woke up to have some quiet time before the events of the conference started and opened by Bible to Hebrews 10, specifically 10:24 and read, “And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds.” I was in the midst of a difficult roommate situation and really wanted God’s direction as far as where to live for the upcoming fall. I remember reading that verse and thinking that my current roommate situation was far from these words.

As with many conferences, the afternoon had a series of breakout sessions. I don’t remember what the actual breakout session was titled but I do remember sitting in a room, listening to the speaker, when he referenced Hebrews 10:24. Really? And then, later that night, sitting in a main session, the speaker referenced Hebrews 10:24, again. It was clear that I couldn’t ignore these words and I knew at that moment that God was answering me and telling me to move into a roommate situation where I could live this out.

Maybe you have a decision to make concerning a future job, a relationship, or your next step in your relationship with Him? The conference I attended had nothing to do with roommate relationships but I believe because I set that time aside to seek Him, He answered.

Maybe you don’t have any upcoming decisions, maybe you just need to be encouraged and/or challenged by the content of the conference. How can you go wrong with “getting, giving, and living the Gospel”?

There’s no denying that in today’s culture, we live busy lives. You are in the homestretch of finishing the fall semester, you are anticipating the holidays, and excited that a month break is on the horizon (hallelujah!). But, before you blink you will jump right back in to the craziness of another semester.

Fusion is just 2 days (Thursday night, Friday, & Saturday morning)! What do you think God could do in & thru YOU (well beyond January 9th) if you set these 2 days aside to hear from Him? Could He do it somewhere other than Carlisle, PA? Probably! But why not join with friends and seek God in the midst of the community He has placed in your life for this season? I remember when I went back to my hotel room that night and shared with my conference roommates what I believed God was saying, we celebrated together (jumping on hotel beds & dancing around the room!), it wouldn’t have been the same celebration somewhere else.

That Fall I moved into better roommate situation where we strived to live out the words of Hebrews 10:24. And, that decision I made in the midst of a Winter conference continues to impact my life today as those roommates (though spread about and in different seasons of life) continue to be people in my life that spur me on in love, good deeds, and in my relationship with Him.

Why Fusion? Why NOT Fusion?

– Jeanette

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