Why I Am Going Back To LT

Anyone telling you about Leadership Training (LT) will tell you that going will change your life.  As someone who heard this and was excited, but nervous to see it happen, I can attest that LT really will do what those people claim – your life will never be the same.

I went to LT last summer, 2011, with expectations of what would happen and what I would learn.  I quickly discovered that God has His own ideas of what He wants to teach you and how He will do it.  There is usually a defining moment during LT that is basically the turning point of your summer, when you can later look back and see exactly when God stepped in and did something big in your life.

My pivotal experience didn’t occur until the very end of week eight, the beginning of week nine, and there are only a total of ten weeks at LT.  Nevertheless, as I learned, don’t rule out God acting in your life, even if it doesn’t happen until the end.  He will do something large, but different, in every person’s life at LT, without fail.  This is why I am choosing to go back to LT again this summer, so I will see, in a new way, how the Lord wants to move in my life.  And should you decide to go to LT, you can hold onto this: God WILL do something in your life while you’ll there, even if you have to wait until week eight to see it happen.

~ Louisa Ireland

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