Why I Got Baptized

About a year ago, I was figuring out this whole “God thing.” I believed in Jesus, but didn’t understand what being a follower of Christ meant, let alone know if I wanted to opt into it. After getting coffee with one of the staff to talk about baptism, I realized that it was a big deal, and that I needed to be ready to fully surrender my life to God when it happened. I wasn’t digging that. I liked my friends, my way of life, and wanted to incorporate God into it, but I didn’t want Him to transform my life.

Things changed when I went on [nlcf]’s mission trip to Honduras over spring break. God flooded me with a love and calling for Him that was simply unyielding. As soon as I got back, I knew I needed to make major changes and get right with God. I made the changes, and I’m starting life over; it’s an amazing feeling. In the weeks after Honduras, I knew it was time to get baptized. I had already surrendered my life, but now it was time to formalize it.

Getting baptized was a way to say to myself, to the world, and to God that this is happening: I’m giving my entirety up to God and letting Him take control. And I have to say, it’s the best decision I’ve ever made.

~ Sabrina Nordan

Sabrina was one of six [nlcf]ers who got baptized this past Sunday!

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  1. Candice Foldenauer

    Awesome story! Thanks for sharing. This will be invaluable down the road when you share with others 🙂

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