“You Believe At Last!”

Over the years, I’ve struggled with understanding what faith is and how it actually plays out in my life. The question I always asked was, I know that God can do something, but how do I know if God will do something?

To me, growing in faith looked something like being able to predict with greater accuracy or certainty what God would or wouldn’t do. For example, if I prayed that God would provide for my bills, the lowest level of faith would say, God will provide for my bills somehow. The next level of faith would say, God will provide $100 for my bills. The highest level of faith would say, God will provide $100 for my bills in a week. The problem was that I didn’t feel right about trying to predict what, how, and when God would do something and it didn’t really seem like the kind of faith God wanted me to have. So the confusion continued.

Recently, I’ve begun looking at faith another way. Instead of believing in what God will do, maybe faith is about believing in who God says He is. In reading through the book of John, I’ve noticed how Jesus didn’t ask His disciples to try to predict how many miracles He would do in a day or describe the precise method he would use to heal someone. Rather, He was most excited when they finally believed that He was who He said He was. In John 16, the disciples finally declare that they believe Jesus was sent by God and Jesus exclaims in response, “You believe at last!” (verse 31)

For me, one of the ways I’ve seen my faith grow is by deciding to believe in what God says about Himself and His character. God says He is good, and though circumstances, emotions, and my flesh don’t always seem to back that truth up, making the choice to stop worrying or to proclaim that God is good or to believe that God’s plan is unfolding in my life no matter what is happening are all choices I can only make with faith.

Believing that God is good isn’t always easy, especially when circumstances are screaming the opposite. But if you can look at those circumstances in the face and say, “I know God is good,” I think you’ve got some powerful faith.

~ Sarah Holloway

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