The [nlcf] Manifesto

A working document.

We believe that New Life Christian Fellowship is called out by God…

To invest in spiritual growth by

  • choosing to be the church, not attend it
  • enjoying the richness and reality of face-to-face relationships in a technologically isolated age
  • becoming true brothers and sisters in a family where God’s love and grace spreads contagiously
  • wrestling through Scripture together, seeking God’s message for our church and our culture

To invite others to follow Jesus by

  • welcoming all people outside the family of [nlcf] as valuable to Jesus and us
  • knowing, living, and speaking the gospel (the good news of Jesus’ life, death, resurrection, and return) to each other and the world
  • living lives of constant change from selfish and broken impurity to a renewed wholeness as a sign that the Holy Spirit is at work in us
  • creatively expressing the gospel from our unique perspectives through visual arts, performance, writing, and other media

To inspire each other to change the world by

  • giving our time to serve and love each other, and to serve and love our neighbors, both here in the New River Valley and throughout the world
  • giving our money to build a kingdom where the world is healed through the sacrifice of our King
  • giving the control of our lives over to the King who invites us to live in a bigger story than we can plan for ourselves
  • giving our careers for God’s glory whether cleaning toilets, preaching the Bible, programming computers, or feeding the poor in a distant land

Like stated above, this is a working document. Feel free to make a contribution.

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