3 thoughts on “The new nlcf.net 8.0”

  1. Hello, God bless you all. I’m a pastor from Puerto Plata Dominican Republic and I’m very glad to have found a place, to share the Good News of Jesus and would be interested in knowing a little bit more about your ministries, as our faith is based also in the same fundamental. Also I would like to know if you have consider to have some information if not the whole page in spanish as well. Please pray for our country and our city of Puerto Plata.
    God bless you,
    Pastor, Sanabe Torres

  2. Pastor Torres,
    Glad you found our site! Please let us know what you’d like to know more about and we can try to answer your questions. It sounds like you have met some of our group who is involved with Project Esperanza (http://www.esperanzameanshope.org)?

    Como no, it would be great to have a multi-lingual webpage, we just need to recruit some ambitious translators who can keep up with everything. Any volunteers out there? It’s hard enough to keep a webpage updated in one language but it would be awesome to at least have a special information page in several different languages!

  3. Hello Pastor Torres,

    It’s Catalina! I met you in Puerto Plata with Kristina and Juan Pablo and talked to you about the land in Padre Granero. It’s great that you have made a connection with our church here! We are so excited for the information you are going to provide us with about the land and building near Padre Granero! Lots of people want to come down and help this summer. We will talk to you soon.

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