Global Justice Organizations

Directory of global justice organizations that [nlcf]ers have been involved with:

At Ten Thousand Homes, we feel that a HOME is so much more than four walls and a roof; it is a place to belong. By building care centers in Africa, we are creating a HOME away from home for orphaned children: a safe and nurturing place for these children to receive food, education, play therapy, adult role models, and love. We also teach important life and income-generating skills. In addition, we build actual homes for those orphaned by HIV/AIDS, malaria, and violence in Sub-Saharan Africa. Our ultimate goal is to provide “hope and homes to 10,000 orphans by 2010.”

Hoops of Hope is a volunteer run non-profit organization started in 2004 by 10 year-old Austin Gutwein to help AIDS orphans. Since then, with the help of World Vision, he has recruited other kids and adults to join him in his cause. By simply shooting baskets, they have raised millions of dollars to help AIDS orphans in Africa. The money raised by Hoops of Hope has been used to support more than 100 orphaned children, build a high school for 1,000 students in Zambia, build a medical lab and counseling center, and provide 1,000 remote medical care kits and bicycles.

Project H Design is a charitable organization that supports, inspires, and delivers life-improving humanitarian product design solutions. We champion industrial design as a tool to address social issues, a vehicle for global life improvement, and a catalyst for individual and community empowerment. Virginia Tech Chapter design projects will be focused mostly towards the rural Southwest Virginia region.

Least of These International (LOTI) is demonstrating the love of God by meeting the basic needs of small rural communities in developing countries through the use of appropriate and sustainable technologies. We focus on the key areas of energy, food, water, health, and sanitation as we serve the “least of these” (Matthew 25:40), following Jesus’ model of holistic ministry, the whole gospel for the whole man.

Christian Veterinary Mission (CVM) is a professional sending agency. For more than 30 years, CVM has encouraged and sent veterinary professionals, technicians, and students throughout the world serving with churches, mission agencies and development organizations. CVM provides an excellent opportunity for those with a call to missions to use their veterinary skills and Christian commitment to serve others and share the Gospel. CVM needs volunteers for a variety of roles: short-term missions, state representatives, faculty representatives, speakers, writers, fundraising, and networking.

Empower A Child seeks to bring confidence and self-sustainability to the orphaned and vulnerable children of Uganda by teaching modern skills, giving them the opportunity for education, and enlightening them through the word of God.

Peace Corps works to connect skilled American volunteers with communities in developing countries for 2 years in an effort to increase diplomacy and transfer a needed set of skills to the host country. Peace Corps volunteers work in the following areas: education, youth outreach, and community development; business development; agriculture and environment; health and HIV/AIDS; and information technology.

The Life Project partners with non-profit organizations that work in urban centers and red light districts where sex trafficking takes place. These partners all follow a consistent model of caring for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of women and children in these areas. One of the major goal of these programs is to provide safe housing, vocational training, and a viable means of self-provision for those wanting to leave prostitution. Through programs established by our partner organizations, women can leave brothels and still deal with their financial obligations without resorting to prostitution. Women are taught skills and given training so that they can make specialized crafts that can be sold in affluent countries. The Life Project buys these crafts directly from the women in a safe house or care program at exceptionally fair rates and then markets and sells the products to retailers. We hope to connect individuals with this simple and powerful way to rescue women and children from the sex trade.

World Vision is a Christian humanitarian organization dedicated to working with children, families, and their communities worldwide to reach their full potential by tackling the causes of poverty and injustice. We serve close to 100 million people in nearly 100 countries around the world. Motivated by our faith in Jesus Christ, we serve alongside the poor and oppressed as a demonstration of God’s unconditional love for all people.

Compassion International exists as a Christian child advocacy ministry that releases children from spiritual, economic, social, and physical poverty and enables them to become responsible, fulfilled Christian adults. Today, Compassion helps more than 1 million children in 25 countries.

Nuru International exists to alleviate human suffering and mobilize developed societies toward social action by attacking poverty through holistic community development. We are committed to restoring hope and meaning to the lives of the poor and oppressed by creating sustainable, measurable solutions that result in significant lasting changes in the most impoverished rural communities.

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