Local Justice Organizations

Directory of local justice organizations [nlcf]ers have been involved with:

At Energy Check, one of our slogans is, “A hole in your house is a hole in your pocket.” We find that “hole” using science and data, and offer services that will fix it that will have a payback time (based on your monthly bills) of less than 5 years. Yes, this helps your pocket, but you are making an impact on the global front as well. The way we consume energy in our homes today, there is no way our power plants can keep up. If we are able to live in more sustainable homes, and be more conscious about the habits we have in the home, we will be making a huge impact. This way of living is mostly about having knowledge and being conscious about our habits and life practices. We have reading material, handouts, and information on our website that describe different ways to be more knowledgeable and more energy-conscious.

The YMCA at Virginia Tech focuses on its mission of “building community through learning, leadership and service.” The four main program areas of the Y include: Community, Education, International, and Student Programs.

Virginia Interfaith Child Care Center identified the plight of low-income working parents with infant and toddler children, who had few or no choices of good, affordable places to leave their children while they worked and formed VICCC in response to this need. Their mission is to provide high-quality care and education to the youngest residents of the New River Valley. VICCC welcomes volunteers to assist with a wide variety of tasks such as clerical assistance, writing grants or articles, bringing music or a project to the center, planning events to raise awareness and financial support, working one-on-one with a child, or holding a baby.

The Cranwell International Center is committed to the university’s global initiatives and serves as the primary support service provider for the international community.  The CIC promotes intercultural exchange, fosters a welcoming environment, and enhances the experience of all university and community participants. Opportunities to get involved include being an English Conversation Group facilitator, being part of the International Friendship Program, being part of International Street Fair, or being an Orientation Mentor. With over 2,000 international students on campus each year, the Cranwell International Center is looking for student volunteers to help ease the transition of our international students and to participate in our global community.

The Caring Pregnancy Center is a non-profit, non-denominational, non-political organization that is committed to providing compassion, information and support to anyone facing the challenge of unintended pregnancy.

At the Center for Student Engagements and Community Partnerships, our central mission is to coordinate and strengthen partnerships between the university and the community, enhance service and experiential learning activities, and develop faculty and partner capacity for engagement. Basically, the Center is a “clearinghouse” resource for students interested in giving back to the community. Any student or group of students with any interest can contact us and we will help facilitate getting you plugged into a service experience. We have strong partnerships with many non-profits and other organizations in the NRV. We also have additional resources available to you if you are already doing service work and need support. We offer grants of $250-$1000 for student proposals related to social justice/social entrepreneurship projects. We also have a “Hokie Hands Trailer” with all sorts of yard and construction tools, equipment, and other resources that may be borrowed and used free of charge by students doing service projects.

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