Back to the Heart of Worship – Apex This Friday

Friday, Nov 30, 7:30p, Graduate Life Center Auditorium: “When the music fades, and all is stripped away, and I simply come…” These are words Matt Redman uses to describe getting back to the heart of worship. Though I sang this song in high school youth group over 6 years ago, these words have sparked a new passion for worship inside my heart. I’ve realized how easy it is to add so much to what worship really is — the lights, the bands, the singers, the crowd — but it’s really just about us responding to God. For this upcoming Apex, it is our vision to see people come, simply come… not because our friends are there, not because we have nothing better to do, not because we like singing, but simply because God deserves our worship. As the familiar words go, “It’s all about You Jesus.”

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