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NLCF Summer Retreat Details!

We hope you’ll join us in Richmond on June 27/28 for our first EVER summer retreat! Make sure to click on the image below for details. Remember to RSVP to [email protected] with ‘SUMMER RETREAT’ in the subject line.

We would also love to have transfer students and incoming freshman, so feel free to invite the future Hokies in your life! They’ll get a $5 discount on retreat cost.

Hope to see you there!

rsvp to
NLCF summer 2014 retreat

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Urban Missionary Experience 2013

By the year 2030, 60% of the world’s population will be living in cities.  Ever wondered what it’s like to follow Jesus in an urban setting?  Join a team of churchplanters from New Life and NLCF on a summer trip to Los Angeles, CA for an Urban Missionary Experience.  We will be working with and learning from people living out their calling to love, serve, and bless others in the city.

Some of the people and organizations we will be working with are Kairos Los Angeles (network of churches started by New Life Christian Fellowship), Hope International, The Manna RoomViaCordisBicycle Bread Co, and Open Arms Christian Center.

Here is the facebook page for the latest updates.

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Easter Sunday Services!

Our New Life Community (NLCF Downtown Congregation) is joining together with The River church for a combined Worship Gathering on Easter Sunday, April 8th.  We will start at the same time, 10am, but in a different location.  Our combined Easter Sunday gathering will be at the Days Inn in Blacksburg.

Our worship gatherings for the Campus Undergraduate Congregation are as usual:
11am, Squires Colonial Hall
7:07pm, 130 Jackson St.

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[nlcf] Weekly Rhythm

Here’s a week at a glance at [nlcf]:

Sunday Gatherings: Join us at…
9:30 [nlcf] Downtown Service @ The Lyric
11:00 am & 707 pm Student Services @ Squires Student Center
Mon: 7:00 Prayer @ Jackson St.**** ([nlcf] Deeper- last Monday of the month)
Tues: Noon- Tuesday Teachers Think Tank @ Zach’s Place**
Wed & Thurs: HomeGroups (HomeGroup link on left)
Fri: 8am prayer @ Jackson St.
Fri & Sat: Retreats, HG activities, men & women’s ministries, etc

**** Jackson St. Directions: (a 2 minute walk from Squires)
– Standing at the Squires front steps, walk College Ave (the street on your left) for 1 block (towards Main St)
– Turn a right onto Draper (before you get to Main)
– Just past Bollo’s Cafe, turn left and go up the metal steps
– Enter the glass doors to the Jackson St. entrance on your left
– It’s the brick building with a green overhang

**Zach’s Place Directions
(a stones throw from Jackson St.)
– Standing at the Squires front steps, walk College Ave (the street on your left) for 1 block (towards Main St)
– Turn a right onto Draper (before you get to Main)
– Go through the double doors to the left of Bollo’s Cafe
– Go to the second floor and turn right down the hall
– You’ll see glass doors and windows on the right… come on in

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Welcome Class of 2013!

We’re glad you found nlcf online! Make yourself at home searching the tabs on the left. If you have questions, please email us at [email protected].

Here’s a few things we think are important to keep in mind as you prepare to start your college career at Virginia Tech…

  1. Embrace the maroon and orange!
  2. We’d love to help you MOVE-IN! And with only 30 minutes to unload all your stuff you will probably want the help! Email us at [email protected] and we can arrange the details.
  3. If you are planning on moving in on Wednesday (8/19) or Thursday (8/20) the dining halls are closed! However, YOU are invited to a Welcome to VT PIZZA Party at War Memorial Chapel @ 5:30p both nights.
  4. Sunday Gatherings will start on August 23rd @ 11:00a or 7:07p in Squires Student Center (Colonial Hall).

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May 3rd Services

We’ll be on regular service times this week

9:30 @ Dayspring
11:00 @ Squires in Colonial Hall
707 @ Squire’s in Colonial Hall

Thanks to all the students and alumni who made last weekend one to remember. You are a blessing!!!

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Mission Move In 2008

Who says you have to fly over an ocean to go on a mission trip?

Join us August 18 – 21 (Monday through Thursday) for Mission Move-In:08. Sign up today for a insanely intense, really HOT, team-building, muscle defining, vision casting, pizza filled 3-ish day event that could impact your life and the peoples’ lives you serve FOREVER.

Tentative schedule

  • monday evening: cookout and Pool Party … just to reconnect and have fun! 100% optional
  • tuesday evening: annual pre-fall shin-dig … you won’t want to miss! … we’ve been known to have people drink VINEGAR during this time! are you up for the challenge?
  • wednesday and thursday: how many stairs can you climb?! morning and afternoon is spent helping students move-in with drillfield pizza parties to follow!!


To guarantee a MMI:08 T-shirt in YOUR SIZE … send an email to [email protected] with your t-shirt size by JULY 18th!! T-shirt sizes are NOT guaranteed after that date.


$10.00 (this includes a T-shirt, pool party Monday, dinner Wednesday and Thursday, a biscuit breakfast Thursday AND surprises throughout the 3 days! what a deal!!)

Will you be ready to climb 12 flights of stairs?

Will you be ready to meet new people?

Will you be ready for a new year?


Don’t forget to pass the word around (just forward this email to everyone in your INBOX!) and when you do … remember to tell them to email [email protected]!!

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