Sick of the unHoly and/or Holy and Sick (Day 28 of 42)

Let me just flat out say it. I do not believe that if someone is sick that means they have sinned or they have sin in their life, or they lack the faith to be healed. Not so. That is not what Jesus said, nor is it at all scriptural. (Please read story of healed blind man John 9:1-41) Unjust suffering happens in this fallen world, and physical illnesses seem a viable cross to bear for followers of Christ in this world. (This type of suffering too always seems to happen for redemptive purposes in the world! so it seems it is worth the cost! Learn more about Helen Keller if you don’t believe me.)

Take for example, Job got sick. Even Jesus himself was never a best-selling author instead he was crucified. The disciples and apostles throughout time got sick, were imprisoned, and were for the most part martyred. The southern short story writer and follower of Jesus, Flannery O’Connor, followed in suit of a Paul with the thorn in his flesh (See 2 Cor.12:7-10). She had Lupus and ended up dying [“falling asleep”] from the disease. She looked at her sickness as a blessing because it allowed her to concentrate on what is eternal and holy, not the gone with the wind worries of life. Her continuous struggle with the dis-ease was also a continuous reminder that she is in need of God’s help to get through each day.

I myself am a bit of a hypochondriac meaning I have a tendency to always think I have some form of sickness and/or I am dying. (And I guess if I am honest our bodies are mortal frames that can die away any time.) Over time though what I once looked at as a weakness, I now find to be a God-graced strength. I am reminded each day that it may be my last. Therefore I find I take each hour of life for granted less and less. Which in turn I thank God for the gift of Life he has given me and promises dreams of a coming Resurrection of the Saints. Now and here no matter the circumstances may we be trees of Life, rooted deeply in Abba’s unconditional love bearing good fruit … How bout them apples?

Be holy as God is holy. Practice Resurrection.

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