Finding Harmonics and Harmony in the World (Day 27 of 42)

If my guitar is in tune and I hit all the strings while holding either the fifth, the seventh, or the twelfth fret it makes a wonderful sound (that the band Pink Floyd loved to use.) The sound communicates and resonates some angelic ring undescribable with words. If you don’t know what I am talking about ask someone who knows how to play the guitar to let it ring. Audibly it is just too amazing that I beleive everyone ought hear with their ears, listenening carefully, allowing the singing voice of the guitar strings to sink in, gracefully. (The band Pink Floyd obviously thought so too since they use it so much in their music.)

Please note and beware harmonics only happens in the world if the musical artist tunes the guitar exactly as it was designed to work, and then the guitar player needs to actually pick up the instrument with hands in place and guitar pick strumming ever so delicately down each string and “viola!” Harmonics!!! HARMONICS!!!

To take my musical notes even further, I believe God is the ultimate designer of his instruments, earth, space, nature, you, me and every other human being… We need God to tell us what being in tune with God’s Spirit is (for God knows what is best.) Jesus Christ is that tuner. And The Holy Spirit is the Artist who creates artistically the symphony of Life [matter and spirit] from nothing. And we play it! We play it! WE play it!!!

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