Mission Move In 2008

Who says you have to fly over an ocean to go on a mission trip?

Join us August 18 – 21 (Monday through Thursday) for Mission Move-In:08. Sign up today for a insanely intense, really HOT, team-building, muscle defining, vision casting, pizza filled 3-ish day event that could impact your life and the peoples’ lives you serve FOREVER.

Tentative schedule

  • monday evening: cookout and Pool Party … just to reconnect and have fun! 100% optional
  • tuesday evening: annual pre-fall shin-dig … you won’t want to miss! … we’ve been known to have people drink VINEGAR during this time! are you up for the challenge?
  • wednesday and thursday: how many stairs can you climb?! morning and afternoon is spent helping students move-in with drillfield pizza parties to follow!!


To guarantee a MMI:08 T-shirt in YOUR SIZE … send an email to [email protected] with your t-shirt size by JULY 18th!! T-shirt sizes are NOT guaranteed after that date.


$10.00 (this includes a T-shirt, pool party Monday, dinner Wednesday and Thursday, a biscuit breakfast Thursday AND surprises throughout the 3 days! what a deal!!)

Will you be ready to climb 12 flights of stairs?

Will you be ready to meet new people?

Will you be ready for a new year?


Don’t forget to pass the word around (just forward this email to everyone in your INBOX!) and when you do … remember to tell them to email [email protected]!!

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