Psalms Meditation – Aug. 6

“Our Mouth Was Filled with Laughter”

Read Psalm 126

Every regathering in Jerusalem — the great homecomings which were the feasts — recalled the mighty restorations that God had affected in Isreal: out of Egyptian bondage, out of Babylonian exile. The acts of restoration were impossible miracles. There was no way they could have happened — “We were like those who dream.” And yet they did happen; the laughter, the shouts of joy, and the hyms were present evidence.

PRAYER: I renew the memories of your work, O God, and know that whatever ills or truoble I fall into, there is a way out in Jesus Christ. I celebrate what you did in the past, and I anticipate what you will do int he future. Amen.

by Eugene Peterson, “A Year with the Psalms” p. 164

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