Seniors: Looking Back, Moving Forward

When I decided to come to Virginia Tech as a senior in high school, above all else, I hoped and prayed to find a community of believers to grow with and feel encouraged by in my walk. Being a relatively new Christian, I knew this fellowship I sought would be vital to my growth among the many temptations that freedom at college offers a young freshman.

The day I moved into my dorm, I was given a cup and a flyer for [nlcf] and was told it was a great campus church.  So from that first Sunday service in Squires on, I began to find my place in [nlcf]’s community. A few weeks after going to the services, I was invited to go to the ROOTS home group on Center Street where I found my favorite and most encouraging part of [nlcf]’s ministries. The home group and life group leaders, along with the other members, became like family to me, and I knew that God had answered my prayer for a community to grow and serve in.

Four years, two home groups, four life groups, three Honduras missions trips, and a HUG team leader role later, I am about to leave Virginia Tech as an engineering grad who loves the Lord. I am excited about starting a career (yay for finally having a paycheck!) and using my engineering and business talents to help make the world a better place.

I will be working for GE Energy as  part of an Operations Management Leadership Program and will be rotating around the east coast for two years receiving a bunch of cool training and leading projects to develop new production efficiency standards. After the program, I will start a normal full-time position with GE and also work on a master’s degree.  I plan to be involved with community churches wherever I end up and also to make trips back to Danli, Honduras as often as I can. It is going to be a crazy ride, but I know to just trust the Lord with today and He will honor that in ways I can never imagine.

– Matt Cavano

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