Summer Faith Challenge (Day 5 of 42)

Jeanette from cellphone in Wilmington, NC: I purchased The Wounded Healer by Henri Nouwen (one of my fav. authors) yesterday at a used bookstore in downtown Wilmington. I sat on the back deck overlooking the ocean to read for a moment and I didn’t have to go further than the introduction to be reminded of the faith journey. Nouwen writes in response to his journey while writing The Wounded Healer ‘Any new insight which suggested an answer led me to many new questions, which remained unanswered. But I wanted at least to prevent the temptation of not entering any doors at all out of fear of the closed ones.’ These two sentences freshly reminded me that it is all too easy to not step out in faith for fear of the unknown but taking those steps to open those doors can lead to an unbelievable journey that otherwise you would have never experienced.

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