Summer Faith Challenge (Day 6 of 42)

Watching Evan Almighty (slow Sunday afternoon), I started thinking about my faith. When I first became a Christian, I wanted to change the world. There is nothing wrong with this desire but over the years I realized God wanted me to make an impact in my little piece of the world and THEN he MAY give me something bigger to accomplish. It is often easier to focus on the bigger acts of faith (such as a mission trip) as they are more glamorous. The day to day acts of faith are often more difficult as it is harder to reach out to someone you see on a daily basis. It can be awkward to maintain a relationship with a co-worker or neighbor if you are rejected. Another issue with day to day faith is recognizing the opportunity. I am so focused on my goals that I sometimes miss an opportunity. Keys for me:

  1. Look for areas in my daily walk where I can “live my faith”.
  2. Pray for the courage to act when presented with an opportunity.

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