Why Should I Go to Engage Group? Austin Weighs In…

12032738_715047948640138_3076001446655402078_oWhy should I attend an Engage Group? A valid question. Certainly a question that you might be asking yourself. You attend NLCF, isn’t that enough? Austin Cheung, a member of the “Sports Guys” Engage Group weighs in:

How did you get connected to the group originally? I got involved when Jeremy invited me to go to the intramural sports group. He kept pushing me to get involved, but stuff kept coming up until second semester when things worked out. I joined his.

How has being a member of the group impacted you (implying that it has, in fact, affected you)? This group has taught me how to be vulnerable about what I’ve been through and open about my experiences.  They made it clear that my opinion mattered and taught me how my past and opinions can contribute to strengthening my faith and those around me.

What do you do at a typical “Sports Guys” Engage Group meeting? At a typical meeting, we go through some announcements that involve what’s going on at NLCF and what we are doing as a group—games and such. Then, we re-read the passage from the past Sunday and answer some questions. Sometimes we let the discussion take over and we don’t answer all of the questions, but I feel like the discussions are the best/most essential thing to the time we have.

What do you like best about your Engage Group? It provides a unique outlet to share opinions and grow in your faith alongside brothers who all have incredibly different backgrounds and experiences with the same goal in mind. Before joining an Engage Group, I was kinda taught by the way/where I grew up to keep your opinions to yourself and not to share too many things from your past—at least stuff that doesn’t affect others. But, what’s best about Engage Group is that your opinion not only matters, but your opinion is essential to the success of it. The openness we can get into while sharing what we thought on a topic instead of just strictly previously learned Biblical knowledge—while still learning what the Word says on a topic—is what I look forward to the most.

Do you have any funny stories from Engage Group to share? Nahhh, what happens there, stays there. I ain’t snitchin’. Outside of Engage Group? Too many stories.

Fair enough, Austin. So, for those of you who are interested in a bit more information about “Sports
Guys” Engage Group, or any other group, be sure to contact one of the leaders of the group.

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