Dustin James

dustin jamesDustin James, Civil and Environmental Engineering, 2003

Involvement in NLCF: Someone dropped by my dorm room during the first year as a freshman and invited me to Sunday’s worship service. I went and the rest was history for me. As the years rolled by I got involved in life groups, home groups, and short-term mission trips to Honduras.

Since Graduation: I came with the Los Angeles church planting team from NLCF to California after graduation. I worked for several years as a civil engineer and then joined the Kairos Los Angeles church staff as a part-time member of the team. Lately, as I’m getting older, I’ve been learning to accept who God has made me to be more fully. And the more I accept where I am, who I am, and what I’m doing in God’s service, the less I have been trying to anxiously control my future and my destiny. In short, I’ve been learning the well-worn lesson of contentment.

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