Tim Fescoe

tim fescoeTim Fescoe, Marketing, 2001

Involvement in NLCF: I started going to NLCF my first weekend at Tech, after a guy on my hall invited me. During my years there, I went to three LT’s, led an all night prayer meeting and a life group or two, and worked with the video team on several NLCF classics that have since been destroyed and forgotten.

Since Graduation: Since I couldn’t get enough of the NLCF folk, I headed out to Los Angeles with a sizable cluster of alumni to help start Kairos and pursue crazy film dreams. I eventually found myself working in Visual Effects with fellow NLCF alum Jay Lalime, doing improv comedy with alum Joe Blum, and writing scripts and planning productions with other alums Jeremiah Lewis and John Irwin. Occasionally, I interacted with people who didn’t go to NLCF. Seriously, though, it’s been very awesome to stay in touch with and work with so many friends from college days. In Christian terms, that’s good community built on a strong foundation with a unified vision for soul expression and touching lives through popular cultural mediums…or something like that.

I tend to bounce back and forth across the country very frequently, so maybe you’ll see me in Blacksburg or Boston or some random other place in the next few months.

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