The Rest of Our Lives

keep calm in God's handsI know that whenever finals start rolling around, there’s always a spike in the number of students at the library, a spike in the number of students meeting with professors, and a spike in the number of  students stressed beyond belief. Trust me, I understand. This is the time when your work starts catching up with you and you begin to realize just how long you’ve spent wasting time instead of writing that paper for your English class.

But, there’s one thing we all should know. Even if we do wind up getting that ‘D’ in our Chemistry class, we need to know that it’s not the end of the world. How many well-established adults do you see still stressing about one class they failed in college? Not many, not many at all. I know that in my own life, I see so many students stressed to the max as they repeat to themselves, “College decides the rest of our lives.” Does it?

We need to know that our lives can change with the drop of a hat. There’s often nothing we can do about it. But, one thing that has helped me thus far in my college adventure (though essentially, it’s still just begun) is knowing that we will never be condemned by God no matter what career path we take. He will not judge us according to our job, and we need not feel that it’s the most important thing in our lives. Even if we’re working at a fast food chain restaurant, God will never be upset with our career path. He loves us, and wants only the best for us.

So, during this crazy time with classes, homework, and finals, just remember that it’s not all about the grades we get or even the jobs we obtain after college, but rather it’s the relationship we continue to hold with God. We are his children and we are not perfect beings—and we should never try to be the epitome of perfection, because we’ll never reach it in this life. He tells us not to worry, and even though this seems much easier said than done, He truly means it. During this hectic time, just remember that your life does not revolve around this crazy earth and the hectic ways within it, but hold on to the Lord, and He’ll take you where you need to be.

~ Kristina Hagen

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